Fish Improvement Proposal Process







What is a FIP? 

A FIP, which stands for [Iron] Fish Improvement Proposal, is a proposal to amend, change, introduce, or upgrade any part of the Iron Fish protocol, consensus, process or ecosystem. Proposals can range from introducing a change to the networking layer to naming convention or even to the Iron Fish governance process itself.

Please first read the Fish Improvement Proposal Process before writing your first FIP.

How to write successful FIP 

Focus on just one core idea for your proposal. If your idea requires multiple changes, it’s better for that idea to be broken up into multiple separate FIPs.

Your FIP must be written with the intent of goodwill for the protocol, project, or greater community. Anything that looks like spam or outwardly negative for the sake of being negative will be deleted and rejected by the FIP Stewards. Please don’t disclose severe bugs using a FIP and instead use the bug bounty program.

Your FIP should mention the categories below, and you can use this template to get started.

  • Preamble - RFC 822 style header containing:
    • title: in just a few words, what is proposal about?
    • description: one full sentence
    • author: a comma separated list of authors and their Github, Example: FirstName LastName (GitHub), FirstName LastName (GitHub)
    • discussion: please provide a link to the Discourse thread that started this proposal
    • satus: Idea
    • category: either Core, Interface, Hardfork, or Meta
    • created: date created on in yyyy-mm-dd format
    • requires (optional): any dependencies on other non finalized FIPs
  • Abstract - Technical summary. This is meant for others to quickly understand the gist of the proposal.
  • Motivation - Why this proposal is being made. What problem is it solving?
  • Specification - This should be the bulk of your FIP. What exactly are you proposing, and how can your proposal be implemented?
  • Rationale - This is for explaining why this approach solves the problem and why this is the best approach versus other alternatives.
  • Backwards Compatibility (optional) - This section is only relevant for FIPs that are not backwards compatible. If your FIP is backwards incompatible, you must clearly outline all incompatibilities, their consequences and mitigations
  • Security and Privacy Considerations - Please describe all security and privacy considerations for your FIP including implementation specific guidance, possible pitfalls, and any relevant discussions around privacy guarantees.
  • Reference Implementation (optional) - An optional section that contains a reference/example implementation, or WIP code.
  • Copyright Waiver - All FIPs are in the public domain. The copyright waiver MUST link to the license file and use the following wording: Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

Ready? Reference this template to get started.

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